“To Ride One Is To Own One”

The Florida Affiliate of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association

We invite anyone with an interest in the Missouri Foxtrotter and/or other gaited breeds to join the Association and participate in our activities. Our members include a wide variety of individuals from all walks of life and from the entire state of Florida.

We are drawn together by one common bond, a love of this special horse. Our events take the form of groups of friends sharing their knowledge and questions and enjoying each other in the company of their horses.

We keep our costs low to encourage people to join. Membership makes you eligible to participate in all of our events through the entire membership year, January through December.

Of special interest to you will be our annual Gathering, held in April of each year. At this time we spend a weekend together at a specially chosen location for a variety of events, including a used tack auction, great meal, and live entertainment, and of course, trail rides and other horse events are involved. This is the time each year when we get together to think about the events of the past year and plan for the new year.

You are invited to join us celebrate the Missouri Foxtrotter!

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